Intaglio is a printmaking technique that refers to the creating of recessed marks in the surface of metal to hold ink for the printing of metal plates. Like a medieval wax seal ring the collection of embossed pieces of studio jewellery from Atelier papermetal could be used to print onto paper.


The first jewellery collection designed and made at Atelier papermetal was for the gallery in France, and was based on noticing the petals that fell from some gathered branches and blossoms in the studio and became scattered on the floor, and like the acceptance of transience and imperfection in wabi-sabi, were left there for their artlessness. As the starting point for each jewellery piece, tiny petals are hand cut from heavyweight cotton rag printmaking paper and allowed to fall randomly before being imprinted into the annealed fine silver sheet via a rolling mill, creating a sensual and tactile Intaglio surface.


From the embossed prepared sheets softened geometric hollow forms are constructed, using the traditional techniques of piercing, forming and soldering. The clean edges of these forms are a counterpoint to the organic imprinted surfaces either by the fact of the contrasting colour of other metals (rose bronze, red brass, and copper) or of different surface finishes (brushed, burnished or oxidised) or layered to show the way the piece is built.


The designs are deceptively minimal. Each product is explored through making, the scale, proportion, balance, and articulation are always done via direct working with the material and refined and road tested by being worn. The aim is to include in most of the pieces a versatility so that they can be worn reversed, and by using considered and functional fittings a desire to create less visual interference with the essence of the thought.


Intaglio I Everyday Collection

Bars, ovals, half rounds, teardrops and petals in any combination of three metals, with the signature paper petals embossed surface. Ear-studs and drops, pendants, bracelets and rings.

Intaglio II Statement Collection

A scaled up and bolder statement of the collection, the shapes are larger and stronger. The profiles are slimmer, the chain chunkier and longer and the rings just pure statement. The metal combinations are simplified, all pieces have a signature brushed Red Brass edge and reverse and the embossing is in Fine Silver or Copper



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