“Regarding what is missing in the wearable and jewelry arts, I wish more makers would consider the importance of beauty, craftsmanship and wearability when approaching their studio practices. The sign of a great wearable object is the beholder’s passion to wear it many times over, under many different circumstances.”

© Klimt02. Excerpt of the interview with Patina Gallery: Running a gallery in the 21st century



‘Julie it is absolutely stunning, it is beautiful. I love it all and more than I can actually explain to you. She will love it I know. Thank you for creating such a beautiful ring for me and for Hannah.’


I absolutely LOVE my ring! I cannot thank you enough… It’s so beautiful and so unique.


‘I picked up my necklace yesterday from the post office and have worn it today for the first time. It is absolutely beautiful and very pleased with all the detail. Thank you so much, your designs are very special. One to treasure forever. Best of luck with your business.’



I am never happier than when working one to one with clients, designing and making bespoke pieces that will become meaningful in their own and often others lives. All the collection pieces are available in your personalised combinations, including hallmarked all silver versions. The addition of diamonds and coloured golds are especially full of beautiful possibilities.


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